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The flag vacuna papiloma humano japon for approximately one year, betweenwhen the last floor of the building was built, and The mast was 16 meters high, placed on a concrete octogonal platform 4 meters high and 6 meters wide.

After the revolution, the cancer linfoma hodgkin clasico was taken down together with the metallic construction that supported it. Petre Roman, the first prime minister of the post-communist government, says the reason for takingit down may have been its emblem of the Socialist Republic of Romania.

From tonobody thought about putting the flag back up. One of the projects was designed by the chief architect of the building, Anca Petrescu, and included a transparent mast, made of plastic and metal, with an interior elevator illuminated at night.

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The mast would have been 20 meters high, and the pennant was meant to be either 6x4, either 4x2 meters. Cervical cancer zip code the deputies rejected the idea and chose a simplified project: the 4 meter cervical cancer zip code octagonal base was cut to 2. The person who goes up with the flag has to have good balance, because there is no ladder there.

Bogdan Fetica

He has to reach the 84 meters high platform and then climb the steel pole using metal props. He puts one prop forward, and then lifts his leg.

He keeps moving the props to get to the top, explains Ovidiu Leşcu, former chief of the General Directorate for Development in the Chamber of Deputies.

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He climbs, takes down the old flag and replaces it with the new one. Many times there is ice on the pole and the wind is very strong, which makes the climbing difficult. Today, there are only three employees fit to complete this task. The base: 2.

Loredana Balacescu

The mast: 14 meters. The flag: 3.

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The solution came from a military unit, which indicated the necessary technical conditions of the fabric. There were 11 total: the thinness of the stitches, the weight of the fabric and its resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

After testing several materials, on the drizzly day of December 27,the first post-revolutionary flag was placed on the top of the building. Today the pennant is 4. The colors are established by law: cobalt blue, chrome yellow and red vermilion.

From cervical cancer zip codethe monthly replacement rate was three flags.

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Now the flag is replaced every month and a half, maybe two. It costs between and Lei, or 20 to 70 Euro.


Why do people fear its power? Is it a valid phobia or a mere Romanian make-believe? T he medical conditions caused by draft are easily diagnosed.

Aware of cervical cancer zip code destructive powers, Romanians find it comfortable to blame it for any sporadic ache. Mariana Suciu blames her headaches on the draft. She gets them especially when driving with the windows down or when cooking with the window open.

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She can tell the difference between a headache caused by draft and one caused by the gallbladder, for example. Foreigners do not consider draft to be harmful.

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Debbie Stowe, a British journalist living in Bucharest and author of two travel guides on Romania, says headaches are not caused by the draft, but by concern for it. She recalls a summer spent in the newsroom of an English daily in Bucharest, when her colleagues stubbornly refused to open the window, even though their shirts were sticking to their backs.

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She encountered it once again when she asked her Romanian boyfriend, Vasile, to buy a fan for stuffy Bucharest nights. His mother, a medical nurse, was none too pleased.

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The draft, she said, could cause headaches, paralysis and even meningitis. Before untangling the mystery of the draft, a definition: the draft is the movement of a mass of air from one place to another, caused by a difference in temperature.

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So where does this fear come from? Little was known at the time about viruses or ways of contamination, so the wind and air flows became at least partially responsible for the spread of the disease. Although most Europeans were affected by the plague, not all believe in draft. Apart from Romanians, the only ones to share the phobia are the Bulgarians, the Serbs, the Montenegrins and the Macedonians.

Viorica Dima, a meteorologist with the National Weather and Hydrology Administration, said that Cervical cancer zip code Europe has a predominantly oceanic climate, with heavy precipitation, while Romania is influenced by the Russian steppes, causing hot, low-moisture summers and very cold winters. Neither these climate differences, nor the properties of the Romanian air can be held responsible for back pains.