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Ductal papilloma while breastfeeding.


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    Every yearwomen all over the world are diagnosed with invasive cervical Every yearwomen all over the world are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancers andwomen die by this illness. The study was performed on a number of women aged between 20 and 85 years old, detected with cervical neoplasia in different stages in the County Hospital Galaţi.

    ductal papilloma while breastfeeding

    The cases studied showed a prevalence of cervical cancer of The profile ductal papilloma while breastfeeding the patient showed that they come mainly from the urban area The detected risk factors are: age, marital status, smoking, coffee consumption, alcohol, sex life debut, associated chronic diseases high blood pressure, obesityand contraceptives.

    In order to establish the diagnostic of cervical neoplasia the following examinations were performed: cytological smear, colposcopic ductal papilloma while breastfeeding, biopsy, histopathologic and complementary examinations. The comparison of the diagnostic methods allowed the doctors to establish how effective each of the conduct options is in the early detection of the serious changes, as these changes can progress towards cancer.

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    The diagnostic certainty was accomplished through a histo-pathological examination of the material obtained by biopsy in comparison with colposcopy, with an accuracy of the method ductal papilloma while breastfeeding We consider that patients with cervical cancer must not be abandoned, regardless of the stage of the cancer when they come to see the doctor, because sometimes, after a well-conducted complex treatment, the cases had a satisfactory evolution.