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    Diagnosis and management of juvenile anomalies of the penis and prepuce Diagnosis and management of penile deviations Diagnosis and management of injuries to the penis and prepuce of helminthic therapy food Diagnosis and management of inguinal hernia in bulls Diagnosis and oxiuros ano of conditions of the helminthic therapy food and testes Bovine cesarean sections: risk factors and outcomes Surgery of the vagina and nongravid uterus Umbilical surgery in calves Diagnosis and management of teat injury helminthic therapy food Ophthalmic examination techniques for production animals Selected eye diseases of cattle Selected eye diseases of sheep and goats Ophthalmology of South American camelids: llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicunas Selected eye diseases of swine Food animal ocular neoplasia Neurogenic vision loss Ethical responsibilities of bovine veterinarians in helminthic therapy food and using therapeutic drugs Ethical responsibilities of small ruminant veterinarians in selecting and using therapeutics Practical pharmacokinetics for the food animal practitioner Anthelmintic therapy in cancer osos stadiu 4 era of resistance Antimicrobial resistance in human pathogens and the use of antimicrobials in food animals: challenges in helminthic therapy food animal veterinary practice Evidence-based veterinary medicine - therapeutic considerations Therapeutic options in organic livestock medicine Decision making in mastitis therapy Respiratory disease treatment helminthic therapy food in feedyards Antibiotic treatment of diarrhea in preweaned calves Fluid therapy, transfusion, and shock therapy Chemical restraint in ruminants General anesthesia in ruminants Marketing beef cow-calf production medicine in private practice Economic analysis techniques for the cow-calf practitioner Cow-calf operation beef quality assurance BQA Biosecurity for cow-calf enterprises Management of neonatal diarrhea in cow-calf herds Calf preweaning immunity and impact on vaccine schedules Beef heifer development helminthic therapy food Investigation and abortion and fetal loss in the beef herd Addressing high dystocia incidence in cow-calf herds Preconditioned calves in the feedyard Low stress livestock handling Biosecurity for feedlot enterprises Use of statistical process control in feedlot practice Growth promotants An economic risk assessment model for management of pregnant feeder heifers Investigation of lameness outbreaks in feedlot cattle Investigating a respiratory disease outbreak Feedlot therapeutic protocols Managing hospital pen systems

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