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Warts urine treatment. 1. Introduction

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The wart is composed of an abnormal proliferation of cells of the epidermis; the overproduction of these cells is caused by the viral infection. The most common type of wart is a round, raised lesion having a dry and rough surface; flat or threadlike lesions are also seen. Warts are usually painless, except for those in pressure areas, such as the plantar warts occurring on the sole of the foot.

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They may occur as isolated lesions or grow profusely, especially in moist regions of the body surface. A single wart may persist for many years without change or it may spread and give rise to satellite warts in other parts of the body.

Warts are considered contagious. Methods of treatment are many but are generally aimed at removing the wart with a minimum of scarring. These methods range from the application of acids or other chemicals that gradually dissolve the wart to surgical excision, which remains the quickest procedure.

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Warts sometimes disappear spontaneously. This warts urine treatment lead to a single long-standing wart, profuse local spread especially in moist areasor warts in various parts of the body.

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The most common type is a round bump with a dry, rough surface. Warts urine treatment are usually painless except in pressure areas, such as the sole of the foot plantar wart.

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Genital warts are merely a nuisance unless they become large or numerous enough to interfere with urination, defecation, or childbirth, but some viral strains are associated with cervical cancer.

They may be removed by applying acids, cryotherapy, electrocautery, or surgery; they sometimes disappear spontaneously.

Venereal Wart (Condyloma acuminata)

He tried to portray the president as he really was, warts and all. A local growth of the outer layer of skin caused by a virus. Warts that occur on the hands warts urine treatment feet are called common warts.

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Genital venereal warts are located on the genitals and are transmitted by sexual contact. Te rugăm sa votezi definiţia cuvântului "wart" care este cea mai utilă pentru tine. Dicţionarul conţine următoarele traduceri în bulgară pentru "wart": Ne pare rău, traducerea cuvântului "wart" nu a fost găsit în baza de date.

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