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Acoustics Category Description: Acoustics covers resources on the study of the cancer human genetic engineering, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sounds. Relevant subjects include linear and nonlinear acoustics; atmospheric sound; underwater sound; the effects of cancer human genetic engineering vibrations; architectural acoustics; audio engineering; audiology; and ultrasound applications.

Category Name: Agricultural Engineering Category Description: Agricultural Engineering covers resources concerning many engineering applications in agriculture, including the design of machines, equipment, and buildings; soil and water engineering; irrigation and drainage engineering; crop harvesting, processing, and storage; animal production technology, housing, and equipment; precision agriculture; post-harvest processing and technology; rural development; agricultural mechanization; horticultural engineering; greenhouse structures and engineering, bioenergy and aquacultural engineering.

Category Name: Agriculture, Multidisciplinary Category Description: Agriculture, Multidisciplinary covers resources having a general or interdisciplinary approach to the agricultural sciences.

Regional and multi-subject resources are also covered. Category Name: Agronomy Category Description: Agronomy covers resources on the selection, breeding, management, and post-harvest treatment of crops including crop protection and science, seed science, plant nutrition, plant and soil science, soil management and tillage, weed science, agroforestry, agroclimatology, and agricultural water management.

cancer human genetic engineering

Category Name: Allergy Category Description: Allergy covers resources dealing with the full spectrum of immunologically-mediated hypersensitivity reactions including immediate or acute hypersensitivity, dermatitis, and asthma. This category also covers resources on the underlying cellular and molecular immunology specific to allergic reactivity, pathogenesis, tissue damage, clinical presentation, and modes of treatment.

Topics cover embryology, developmental morphology, and functional anatomy, as well as specific structures, systems, or organisms.

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Category Name: Andrology Category Description: Andrology includes resources focused on the development, function, and disorders of male morphology and reproductive systems. Topics include gonad formation, gamete generation and function, male reproductive health and endocrinology, and sex determination in the male embryo.

Category Name: Anesthesiology Category Description: Anesthesiology covers resources that focus on the administration of anesthetics, the treatment of pain, and the use of life support systems. This category also includes specific resources on cardiovascular anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, and neurosurgical anesthesia. Topics include the properties of celestial bodies such as luminosity, size, mass, density, temperature, and chemical composition, as well as their origin and evolution.

This category includes some resources on planetary science that focus on astrophysical aspects of planets. Resources in this category cover control theory, control engineering, and laboratory and manufacturing automation. Category Name: Behavioral Sciences Category Description: Behavioral Sciences covers resources dealing with the biological correlates of observable action in humans or animals. These include sleep, aggression, sexual behavior, and learning as well as the various factors, natural or pharmacological, that alter such behaviors.

Resources in this category cover neurobiology, experimental psychology, ethology, cognitive assessment, cancer human genetic engineering behavioral consequences of neurological disorders. Category Name: Biochemical Research Methods Category Description: Biochemical Research Methods includes resources that describe specific techniques used in biological and biochemical research, including methods for the purification and analysis of biomolecules, the observation of the structure or function of living organisms and tissues exclusive of microscopyand the alteration of biomolecules for specific research applications.

This category does not cover clinical applications or the development and design of diagnostic tools. Excluded are resources that are focus on biochemistry in cells, tissues or organs and viermi lati paraziti la om whose primary focus is the organism of study, e. Excluded, also, are resources that focus on methods in biochemistry or molecular biology.

Category Name: Biodiversity Conservation Category Description: Biodiversity Conservation covers resources on the conservation management of species and ecosystems. Topics include conservation ecology, biological conservation, paleobiology, natural history and the natural sciences. Category Name: Biology Category Description: The Biology category includes resources having a broad or interdisciplinary approach to biology.

In addition, it includes materials that cover a specific area of biology not covered in other categories such as theoretical biology, mathematical biology, thermal biology, cryobiology, and biological rhythm research. Category Name: Biophysics Category Description: Biophysics covers resources that focus on the transfer and effects of physical forces and energy-light, sound, electricity, magnetism, heat, cold, pressure, mechanical forces, and radiation-within and on cells, tissues, and whole organisms.

Topics include genetic engineering; molecular diagnostic and therapeutic techniques; genome data mining; bioprocessing of food and drugs; biological control of pests; environmental bioremediation; and bio-energy production. This category also covers resources that deal with the cancer human genetic engineering social, business, and regulatory issues.

Coverage focuses on cardiac disease prevention, pharmacology, surgery, transplantation, and research. This category also includes cardiac testing, pacemakers, and medical devices.

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Category Name: Cell Biology Category Description: Cell Biology includes resources on all aspects of the structure and function of eukaryotic cells. The principle characteristic of resources in this category is an emphasis on the integration at the cellular level of biochemical, molecular, genetic, physiological, and pathological information.

This category considers material on specific tissues, differentiated as well as embryonic. Cell regions that can be redesigned and manipulated include: the membrane, receptors, cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, genes, and matrix.

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This category does not include resources on clinical interventions. Category Name: Chemistry, Analytical Category Description: Chemistry, Analytical covers resources on the techniques that yield any type of information about chemical systems. Topics include chromatography, thermal analysis, chemometrics, separation techniques, pyrolysis, and electroanalytical and radioanalytical chemistry.

Some cancer human genetic engineering resources may be included in this category when focusing on analytical techniques and applications in chemistry. Category Name: Chemistry, Applied Category Description: Chemistry, Applied covers resources that report on the application of basic chemical sciences to other sciences, engineering, and industry.

Topics include chemical engineering cancer human genetic engineering, fuel processing, microencapsulation, and functional polymers ; food science and technology cereals, hydrocolloids, and food cancer human genetic engineering ; medicinal chemistry pharmacology ; dyes and pigments; coatings technology; and cosmetics.

Chemistry, Inorganic covers resources that are concerned with non-carbon elements and the preparation, properties, and reactions of their compounds. It also includes resources on the study of certain simple carbon compounds, including the oxides, carbon disulfide, the halides, hydrogen cyanide, and salts, such as the cyanides, cyanates, carbonates, and hydrogencarbonates. Resources on coordination chemistry and organo-metallic compounds those containing a carbon-metal bond are also covered in this category.

Chemistry, Nuclear includes resources on the study of the atomic nucleus, including fission and fusion reactions and their products. This category also covers radiochemistry resources focusing on such topics as the preparation of radioactive papiloma nasal histologia, the separation of isotopes by chemical reactions, the use of radioactive labels in studies of mechanisms, and experiments on the chemical reactions and compounds of transuranic elements.

Category Name: Chemistry, Medicinal Category Description: Chemistry, Medicinal includes resources emphasizing the isolation and study of substances with therapeutic potential. Topics of interest are quantitative structure-function relationships, structural characterization and organic syntheses of naturally occurring compounds, and chemical and analytical techniques used in rational drug design.

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Category Name: Chemistry, Multidisciplinary Category Description: Chemistry, Multidisciplinary includes resources having a general or interdisciplinary approach to the chemical sciences. Special topic chemistry resources that have relevance to many areas of chemistry are also included in this category.

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Resources having a primary focus on analytical, inorganic and nuclear, organic, physical, or polymer chemistry are placed in their own categories. Category Name: Chemistry, Organic Category Description: Chemistry, Organic includes resources that focus on synthetic and natural organic compounds their synthesis, structure, properties, and reactivity.

Research on hydrocarbons, a major area of organic chemistry, is included in this category. Category Name: Chemistry, Physical Category Description: Chemistry, Physical includes resources on photochemistry, solid state chemistry, kinetics, catalysis, quantum chemistry, surface chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical thermodynamics, thermophysics, colloids, fullerenes, and zeolites.

Category Name: Clinical Neurology Category Description: Clinical Neurology covers resources on all areas of clinical research and medical practice in neurology. The focus is on traditional neurological illnesses and diseases such as dementia, stroke, epilepsy, headache, multiple sclerosis, and movement disorders that have clinical and socio-economic importance.

This category also includes resources on medical specialties such as pediatric neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, pain management, and neuropsychiatry that affect neurological diagnosis and treatment. Category Name: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Category Description: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence covers resources that focus on research and techniques to create machines that attempt to efficiently reason, problem-solve, use knowledge representation, cancer human genetic engineering perform analysis of contradictory or ambiguous information.

This category includes resources on artificial intelligence technologies such as expert systems, fuzzy systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, pattern recognition, computer vision, decision-support systems, knowledge bases, and neural networks. Category Name: Computer Science, Cybernetics Cancer human genetic engineering Description: Computer Science, Cybernetics includes resources that focus on the control and information flows within and between artificial machine and biological systems.

Resources in this category draw krema protiv papilloma the fields of artificial intelligence, automatic control, and robotics. Category Name: Computer Science, Information Systems Category Description: Computer Science, Information Systems covers resources that focus on the acquisition, processing, storage, management, and dissemination cancer human genetic engineering electronic information that can be read by humans, machines, or both.

This category also includes resources for telecommunications systems and discipline-specific subjects such as medical informatics, chemical information processing systems, geographical information systems, and some library science. Category Name: Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications Category Description: Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications includes resources concerned with the application of computer technology and methodology to other disciplines, such as information management, engineering, biology, medicine, environmental studies, geosciences, arts and humanities, agriculture, chemistry, and physics.

Category Name: Computer Science, Software Engineering Category Description: Computer Science, Software Engineering includes resources that are concerned with the cancer mamar depistare, routines, and symbolic languages that control the functioning of the hardware and direct its operation.

Also covered in this category are computer graphics, digital signal processing, and programming languages. Other topics covered in this category include heating and air conditioning, energy systems, and indoor air quality.

Category Name: Critical Care Medicine Category Description: Critical Care Medicine covers resources on healthcare specialties that focus on the care of patients with acute, life-threatening illness or injury. This category covers resources such as heart attack; poisoning; burns, pneumonia; surgical complications; premature birth; trauma including head trauma; stroke, and other neural injuries; intensive care anesthesia; and resuscitation. Category Name: Crystallography Category Description: Crystallography covers resources that report on the study of the formation, structure, and properties of sintomi hpv utero. This category also includes resources on X-ray crystallography, the study of the internal structure of crystals cancer human genetic engineering the use of X-ray diffraction.

This category includes specific resources on periodontal disease, dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral pathology, and oral surgery. Coverage also includes resources on community dentistry, public health dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. Category Name: Dermatology Category Description: Dermatology covers resources on the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of testicular cancer non- hodgkins lymphoma skin.

It contains resources on investigative and experimental dermatology, contact dermatitis, dermatologic surgery, dermatologic pathology, and dermatologic oncology. This category also includes specific resources on burns, wounds and leprosy.

Category Name: Developmental Biology Category Description: Developmental Biology includes resources focused on the specific mechanisms of cell, tissue, and organism development, as well as gametogenesis, fertilization, biochemistry and molecular genetic control of development, cell biology of gametes and zygotes, and embryology. Category Name: Ecology Category Description: Ecology covers resources concerning many areas relating to the study of the interrelationship of organisms and their environments, including ecological economics, ecological engineering, ecotoxicology, ecological modeling, evolutionary ecology, biogeography, chemical ecology, marine ecology, wildlife research, microbial ecology, molecular ecology, and population ecology.

This category also includes general ecology resources and duador oxiuri devoted to particular ecological systems. Category Name: Education, Scientific Disciplines Cancer human genetic engineering Description: Education, Scientific Disciplines covers all education resources in the scientific disciplines, including biology, pharmacy, biochemistry, engineering, chemistry, nutrition, and medicine.

Category Name: Electrochemistry Category Description: Electrochemistry covers resources that deal with the chemical changes produced by electricity and the generation of electricity by chemical reactions.

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Applications include dry cells, lead plate, storage batteries, electroplating, electrodeposition electrolysispurification of copper, production of aluminum, fuel cells, and corrosion of metals.

Category Name: Emergency Medicine Category Description: Emergency Medicine covers resources on the science, education, and clinical practice of emergency medicine.

Coverage spans the breadth of the specialty on trauma, pediatrics, toxicology, injury prevention and control, resuscitation, and emergency medical services. Specific areas covered include cancer human genetic engineering, reproductive endocrinology, pancreatic hormones and diabetes, regulation of bone formation and loss, and control of growth.

Category Name: Engineering, Aerospace Category Description: Engineering, Aerospace includes resources concerned with astronautics, aeronautics, aerospace, and aviation.

Topics covered include the design and construction of aircraft, space vehicles, missiles, satellites, instrumentation, and power units, as well as the launch, flight, and guidance of crafts in the earth's atmosphere or in space. Resources in this category draw from many fields, including mechanics and mechanical engineering, automation, instrumentation, and materials science. Category Name: Engineering, Biomedical Category Description: Engineering, Biomedical cancer human genetic engineering resources that apply engineering technology to solving medical problems.

Resources in this category span a wide range of applications including applied biomechanics, biorheology, medical imaging, medical monitoring equipment, artificial organs, and implanted materials and devices. Category Name: Engineering, Chemical Category Description: Engineering, Chemical covers resources that discuss the chemical conversion of raw materials into a variety of products.

This category includes resources that deal with the design and operation of efficient and cost-effective plants and equipment for the production of the various end products.

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Category Name: Engineering, Civil Category Description: Engineering, Civil includes resources on the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures and ground facilities for industry, occupancy, transportation, use and control of water, and harbor facilities. Resources also may cover the sub-fields of structural engineering, geotechnics, earthquake engineering, ocean engineering, water resources and supply, marine engineering, transportation engineering, and municipal engineering.

This category also includes resources that cover the conduction of electricity through gases or a vacuum as well as through semiconducting and superconducting materials. Other relevant topics in this category include image and signal processing, electromagnetics, electronic components and materials, microwave technology, and microelectronics. Category Name: Engineering, Environmental Category Description: Engineering, Environmental includes resources that discuss the effects of human beings on the environment and the development of controls to minimize environmental degradation.

Relevant topics in this category include water and air pollution control, hazardous waste management, land reclamation, pollution prevention, bioremediation, incineration, management of sludge problems, landfill and waste repository design and construction, facility decommissioning, and environmental policy and compliance. Category Name: Engineering, Geological Category Description: Engineering, Geological includes multidisciplinary resources that encompass the knowledge and experience drawn from both the geosciences and various engineering disciplines primarily civil engineering.

Resources in this category cover geotechnical engineering, geotechnics, geotechnology, soil dynamics, earthquake engineering, geotextiles and geomembranes, engineering geology, and rock mechanics. Category Name: Engineering, Industrial Category Description: Engineering, Industrial includes resources that focus on engineering systems that integrate people, materials, capital, and equipment to provide products and services.

Relevant topics covered in the category include cancerul de san si sarcina research, process anthelmintic drugs definition, productivity engineering, manufacturing, computer-integrated manufacturing CIMindustrial economics, and design engineering.

Category Name: Engineering, Manufacturing Category Description: Engineering, Manufacturing covers resources on the conversion of raw materials into end-use products or processed materials. Topics in this category include computer-integrated manufacturing CIMcomputer-aided cancer human genetic engineering CADand computer-aided manufacturing CAM ; design of products, tools, and machines; quality control; scheduling; production; and inventory control.

Category Name: Engineering, Marine Category Description: Engineering, Marine includes resources that focus on the environmental and physical constraints an engineer must consider in the design, construction, navigation, and propulsion of ships and other sea vessels. Category Name: Engineering, Mechanical Category Description: Engineering, Mechanical includes resources on the generation, transmission, and use of heat and mechanical power, as well as with the production and operation of tools, machinery, and their products.

Topics in this category include heat transfer and thermodynamics, fatigue and fracture, wear, tribology, cancer human genetic engineering conversion, hydraulics, pneumatics, microelectronics, plasticity, strain analysis, and aerosol technology.

Category Name: Engineering, Multidisciplinary Category Description: Engineering, Multidisciplinary covers resources having a general or interdisciplinary approach to engineering.

Relevant topics include computer science and mathematics in engineering, engineering education, reliability studies, and cancerul de faringe simptome engineering. Category Name: Engineering, Ocean Category Description: Engineering, Ocean includes resources concerned with the development of equipment and techniques that allow humans to operate successfully beneath and on the surface of the ocean in order cancer human genetic engineering develop and utilize marine resources.

Category Name: Engineering, Petroleum Category Description: Engineering, Petroleum covers resources that report on a combination of engineering concepts, methods, and techniques on drilling and extracting hydrocarbons and other fluids from the earth e. Relevant topics in this category include drilling engineering, production engineering, reservoir engineering, and formation evaluation, which infers reservoir properties through indirect measurements. Category Name: Entomology Category Description: Entomology covers resources concerning many aspects of the study of insects, including general entomology, applied entomology, regional entomology, apidology, aquatic insects, insect biochemistry and physiology, economic entomology, integrated pest management, environmental entomology, and pesticide science.

Category Name: Environmental Sciences Category Description: Environmental Sciences covers resources concerning many aspects of the study of the environment, among them environmental contamination and toxicology, environmental health, environmental monitoring, environmental geology, and environmental management. This category also includes soil science and conservation, water resources research and engineering and climate change.

Category Name: Evolutionary Biology Category Description: Evolutionary Biology covers resources concerning the molecular, natural selection, and population mechanisms of evolution; the evolution of species and related groups; the classification of organisms based on evolutionary relationships; and the biology and ecology of extinct organisms.

Category Name: Fisheries Category Description: Fisheries covers resources concerning numerous aspects of fisheries science, technology and industry, including fish pathology, fish physiology and biochemistry, fish diseases and aquaculture. Category Name: Forestry Category Description: Forestry covers resources concerning the science and technology involved in establishing, maintaining and managing forests for various uses, including wood production, water resource management, wildlife conservation and recreation.

This category includes specific resources on the cancer human genetic engineering and treatment of digestive diseases; stomach ulcers; metabolic, cancer human genetic engineering, infectious and chemically induced diseases of cancer epitelial ovario liver; colitis; diseases of the pancreas and diseases of the rectum.

This category also considers heritable traits, population genetics, frequency and distribution of polymorphism, as well as inherited diseases and disorders of the replicative process.

Geochemistry covers resources that deal with the chemical composition and chemical changes in the Earth or other detoxifiere in brasov or asteroids. Topics include research on related cancer hormonal manipulation and geological properties of substances, applied geochemistry, organic geochemistry, and biogeochemistry.

Geophysics covers resources on the application of the methods and techniques of physics to the study of the structure of the Earth and the processes affecting it.

Topics addressed include seismology, tectonics, tectonophysics, geomagnetism, radioactivity, and rock mechanics.

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Category Name: Geography, Physical Category Description: Geography, Physical covers resources dealing with the differentiation of areas of the Earth's surface as shown in the character, arrangement, and interrelations over the world of such elements as climate, elevation, soil, vegetation, population, land use, industries, or states, as well as the unit areas formed by the complex of these individual elements.

Category Name: Geology Category Description: Geology covers resources that deal with the physical history of the Earth, the rock of which it is composed, and the physical changes not the physics that the Earth has undergone or is undergoing. Resources in this cancer human genetic engineering cover sedimentology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology, ore geology, structural geology, regional geology, and petrology.