Cancer genetic hits

Mecanismele din spate Deşi considerate în cea mai mare parte rezultatul intervenţiei factorilor de mediu, majoritatea cancerelor sunt incluse în prezent în categoria bolilor multifactoriale, componenta genetică şi cea de mediu având ponderi variabile de la caz la caz. O parte dintre locii identificaţi în cancerele sporadice conţin variante noi ale unor gene care au fost implicate şi în cancerele familiale.

The work is guided by Dr Mikael Kubista. Currently the group focuses on the enrichment and characterization of tumor cells collected from circulation of patients or animal models by means of high throughput qPCR.

cancer genetic hits

Work includes developing workflow with sample preparation, enrichment, pre-amplification, high throughput expression profiling, and data mining. Within this project first prospective clinical study of breast cancer patients by expression profiling of circulating tumor cells will be performed.

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The successful candidate will have base at the Institute of Biotechnology at the Krc campus of the Academy of sciences in the Czech Republic. The position is for 32 months.

cancer genetic hits

Applications are considered when they are received until the position is filled. Final date to apply is October The applicant is expected to start January 1, For cancer genetic hits information see: www. Kubista et al.

Just as the discovery of penicillin opened the floodgates to an array of bacteria-fighting antibiotics, our ever-growing knowledge about DNA and its quirks and flaws is leading to the production of many more drugs like PLX This is about identifying the cancer, knowing what its changes are and being able to follow it in ways we could never have dreamt of before. Professor Mark Stratton, director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute believes we may have reached the 'end game' for understanding cancer A trial on cancer patients, including some Britons, is underway, and, if successful, the drug could be on the market in as little as a year.

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BRCA Genes and Breast Cancer

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Is this cancer's 'penicillin moment'? Gene targeting drug could herald 'end game' for disease

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  • Gene expression in connexin43 null astrocytes extended beyond the gap junction.
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