Colorectal cancer book, 1. Introduction

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series LNCS, volume Abstract The paper puts forward an ensemble of state-of-the-art classifiers — support vector machines, neural networks and decision trees — to estimate the length of stay after surgery in patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

The three paradigms are brought together in order to achieve both a colorectal cancer book accurate prediction through a voting scheme and transparency of the discriminative guidelines through visual rules.

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The results colorectal cancer book the theoretical assumptions and are confirmed by the physicians. Keywords Classification Length of stay Colorectal cancer Ensemble of methods Prediction accuracy Decision guidelines This is a preview of colorectal cancer book content, log in to check access.

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Features clinical vignettes for several chapters Provides training and interpretation of CT Colonography images Authors are authorities in both the gastroenterology and radiology fields Colorectal cancer book Cancer Screening and Computerized Tomographic Colonography: A Comprehensive Overview is an authoritative volume on CT colonography. Structured in a manner that will allow the reader to understand the practical and larger public health issues surrounding both CT colonography and CRC screening in general, the text is designed to reach a broad audience of specialist clinicians and primary care physicians. The book provides an overview of the disease and risk factors of colorectal cancer, as well as the history and development of CTC as both a colorectal imaging and screening modality. The text also reviews the controversies, colorectal cancer book pitfalls, and exciting new directions and capabilities inherent in the practice of CTC. Filled with high quality images and authored by experts in the field, Colorectal Cancer Screening and Computerized Tomographic Colonography: A Comprehensive Overview is the definitive reference for clinicians interested in computerized tomographic colonography and CRC screening.

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