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Cancer de pancreas y las emociones

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Creatinine clearance has been excluded from the major diagnostic criteria and minor diagnostic criteria have been removed from the new HRS diagnostic criteria, as defined by the IAC consensus in Cancer de pancreas y las emociones creatinine and creatinine clearance tend to overestimate glomerular filtration rate GFR in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis; this has spurred the use of alternative methods for the detection of the renal dysfunction: Doppler ultrasonography with the measurement of renal arterial impedance indices and the determination of serum cystatin C.

The category of cirrhotics with renal failure which does not identify the causes listed and missing any renal morphological changes is considered to have hepatorenal syndrome. The differential diagnosis of patients with HRS and those with other causes of renal dysfunction associated with cirrhosis is crucial both in terms of clinical management and 19 Eduard Emil Cavai Sindromul hepatorenal assessing prognosis, but also for the prioritization of liver transplantation or simultaneous liverkidney transplantation.

The present study aimed to establish the causes of renal dysfunction in azotemic patients cancer de pancreas y las emociones liver cirrhosis and the analysis of prognostic factors.

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The data were taken from the clinical observation sheet: history, physical examination, biochemical analysis, ultrasound examination. The MDRD 6 equation estimated clearance was calculated from the values of: serum creatinine, serum urea, serum albumin, age, sex and race.

Patients were analysed and classified in the appropriate type of renal dysfunction according to the specific diagnostic criteria: hepatorenal syndrome four clinical typesacute kidney injury prerenal and acute tubular necrosis and chronic kidney diseases chronic glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, non-diabetic glomerulosclerosis, tubulointerstitial nephropathy.

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Acute tubular necrosis developed in response to nephrotoxic exposures aminoglycosides, radiocontrast media exposure or ischemic insult septic or hypovolemic shock. Conclusions: Establishing the type of renal dysfunction in patients with liver cirrhosis and renal failure is important for prognosis and therapy.

HRS has the worst prognosis from all causes of renal dysfunction in patients with cirrhosis. Patients and methods: The patients were divided into three groups: a group of 35 patients free of liver diseasethe control group, a group of 50 patients with liver cirrhosis and normal renal function from all Child-Pugh categories and a group of 50 patients with HRS and Child C liver cirrhosis.

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Patients with other causes of renal failure than HRS were excluded from the study. The interlobar renal arterial impedance indices were estimated: the pulsatility index PI and the resistive index RI.

Both indices showed significant correlation with increased Child-Pugh score.

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Patients and methods: We studied a total of 88 patients with liver cirrhosis, which were divided into three groups: group 1 - control consisting of 18 patients with compensated liver cirrhosis without ascites, group 2 - consisting of 35 patients with nonazotemic ascitic liver cirrhosis and group 3 made up of 35 patients with liver cirrhosis and HRS.

Exclusion criteria were: other causes of renal failure than SHR, heart failure, gastrointestinal bleeding with haemodynamic instability, thyroid dysfunction, treatment with cortisone or ACE inhibitors.

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A statistically significant negative correlation between creatinine clearance estimated by MDRD 6 formula and MELD score was obtained, suggesting a worsening of prognosis while reducing renal function. The statistically significant negative correlation between MDRD 6 creatinine estimated clearance and the resistive index reflects a worsening of renal dysfunction while increasing RI.

Serum creatinine and creatinine clearance calculated and estimated from equations are of limited value in predicting renal function in patients with liver cirrhosis.

In this study we investigated the relationship between the serum cystatin C and cystatin C based formula of estimated GFR with serum creatinine, GFR and renal artery impedance indices in patients with cirrhosis at different stages of evolution. The ability of cystatin C cancer de pancreas y las emociones detect early and moderate renal dysfunction was compared with creatinine.

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Patients and methods: 88 patients divided into three groups, as described in section IIIA, were enrolled in the study. Conclusions: Cystatin C is a promising endogenous marker of renal function assessment, especially in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis, in which the disadvantages of serum creatinine became obvious.

Cystatin C is useful in detecting early and moderate renal dysfunction, situations in which serum creatinine is often normal. Cystatin C is also valuable in assessing renal function in intense jaundiced patients, in which hyperbilirubinemia interferes with the methods of measurement of creatinine. Cystatin C and derivated clearances cancer de pancreas y las emociones with the prognosis and could replace the creatinine in the equation for calculating the MELD score.

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This is characterized by reduced contractile response to stress and disturbance of diastolic relaxation with electrophysiological abnormalities such the as the QT interval prolongation in absence of any organic heart disease.

ProBNP is a sensitive marker of cardiac systolic dysfunction. Circulating proBNP concentration was monitored in patients with cirrhosis at different stages of evolution. ProBNP values were correlated with the markers of cardiac dysfunction mean arterial blood pressure, Cancer de pancreas y las emociones intervalwith the markers of renal dysfunction estimated GFR and liver disease severity markers albuminbilirubin, INR, Child-Pugh score.

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Determination of serum proBNP was performed by the enzyme immunoassay method. The QTc interval was measured in 46 patients.

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There was a significant correlation between proBNP concentration and Child-Pugh score, proving the connection between cardiac dysfunction and the markers of the liver disease severity. Statistically significant correlations between proBNP concentration and estimated clearances support the existing cardio-renal link in patients with advanced cirrhosis.

Conclusions: The high level of proBNP in patients with advanced cirrhosis group with ascites and the HRS group indicates the presence of cardiac dysfunction. Cardio-renal connection has strong therapeutic implications and optimization of cardiac output is an important part of prevention and treatment of SHR.

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The serum concentration of ET-1 was followed up in patients with cirrhosis at different stages of evolution cirrhosis without ascites, nonazotemic cirrhosis with ascites and cirrhosis with HRS in order to check the possible correlation between circulating levels of ET-1 and the presence of renal dysfunction. We have also pursued the relationship between renal vasoconstriction cancer de pancreas y las emociones by Doppler ultrasound method and the serum concentration of endothelin ET Patients and methods: Eduard Emil Cavai Sindromul hepatorenal The groups of patients, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria, methods, statistical analysis were described in Chapter IIIA.

However, increasing ET-1 values were noted in all groups of patients with cirrhosis compared to the normal median value cancer de pancreas y las emociones the cancer de pancreas y las emociones Because endothelin ET-1 is considered an important mediator of renal vasoconstriction, it was intended to establish a correlation between RI and the value of ET Median values of ET-1 were not significantly different in the two subgroups of patients 1.

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There was no correlation between renal vasoconstriction assessed by Doppler RI index and serum concentration of ET Diseases most often associated with elevated ET-1 were: spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, portal vein thrombosis, coronary atherosclerosis, chronic peripheral arteriopathy, bleeding esophageal varices.

Serum levels of ET-1 did not reflect the existing renal vasoconstriction in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis and renal dysfunction.

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A significant increase in ET-1 could be a marker of poor prognosis with progression to death, either by variceal bleeding and shock or by type 1 HRS. It is the first study in Romania which revealed the presence of cardiac dysfunction in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis and proved the existence of cardio-renal link.

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It,s originality consists also in the permanent comparison of Doppler ultrasound parameters for estimating renal vasoconstriction with renal function assessed by the usual and alternative methods - cystatin C and endothelin Although serum levels of ET-1 do not reflect the existing renal vasoconstriction in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis and kidney dysfunction, its high values are a marker of poor prognosis.